La Dolce Vita- KittenRam’s Gate Winery, located at the gateway to Sonoma Country, is a stunningly handsome winery. Half open-air and half enclosed, this unparalleled structure is described on their website as a “modern interpretation of the weathered farmstead of old Carneros.”

Ram’s Gate’s allure, however, doesn’t rely solely on its aesthetics. The people behind Ram’s Gate have managed to create an experience: sit-down tastings, guided tours. My favorite, though, is the picnic lunch, comprised of a charcuterie plate, artisan cheeses, french bread, homemade pickles, fig jam, and candied almonds.

After a wine tasting, you can pick a bottle to accompany your picnic basket and enjoy an afternoon by their pond, tailor fit for a bon vivant.

Below is what to expect from an afternoon at Ram’s Gate:

The Basket


I’m always so deflated when I have to leave Ram’s Gate. One time I even broke down, crying all the way back to San Francisco. Fortunately, I have the perfect remedy for this infliction: an extension of this deliciously sensual afternoon via cinema.

La Dolce Vita, directed by Federico Fellini in 1960, offers a morality tale about the “bon vivant” lifestyle. This film centers around a celebrity journalist who aspires to write a beautiful novel. Because of his work, he is surrounded by famous actors and the idle rich, and he becomes completely seduced by their frivolous lifestyle. Our protagonist begins as someone who can see and appreciate real beauty, but he ends as someone who becomes so dissipated, he can no longer recognize beauty and goodness as it waves at him from across the beach.

But, I wouldn’t concern yourself too much with the moral of the movie while you savor your afternoon at Ram’s Gate.